An Idea to counter attack Depression, an ultimate solution!

Hi, I am depressed, are you too? Cool !!! Can we be friends..?

I am an introvert. I think going outside is a threat for me, a threat of feelings that are unwanted and unkind to my soul.

I fear judgements on my looks, I fear criticisms that are unnecessary, I fear I have to behave in an acceptable way that pleases the crowd despite my discomforts. Eventually leading to more depression. I can say being an introvert has made me prone to depressions.

But I don’t think I’ll be depressed forever. I never am. But can’t depressed people help other depressed ones?

Just like the happy people, who are a bunch of like minded people having fun. So why can’t the like minded depressed people become a bunch of happy people, helping each other through the challenges of life? Respecting each other’s hardships and inspiring each other to do better!

I think that’s one of the best ideas I ever had. I never boast, it’s no where near my personality traits, but for this “Idea” of a depressed community towards a better life, seems to me a very bright and positive idea. Like a counselling, among people who share the same burden, and don’t fear of being judged and can get past depression because depression dies where friendships are born. There’s not a trouble in life a few good friends can’t solve.

If you’re sad you can talk to friends, you’re broke, friends will help you get a job or give you a loan. But that’s like few of the worst cases.

But how do we find the rights friends? The ones who make time for us, just to listen to our aching souls, consoling our hearts for whatever reasons. Finding such a friend who would not turn on you, who would not use your shortcomings against you, is difficult, especially if you’re an introvert, even more if you’re depressed.

But maybe another depressed soul will not pick on you, be sympathetic to you, and you both can help each other.

And honestly only if we help another can we feel true peace, true meaning in life. When you can have good thoughts about yourself and good thoughts about another. Isn’t that what we want? To feel good, to be at peace, to matter? Healing another sould truly heals your own soul.

What to feel when you feel low?

I stopped looking at stories of people on messenger and Instagram where they are always showing how perfect their lives are. When I’m personally at my lowest point in life, It depressed me when I saw people having their cake so easy while I was struggling to gulp water.

But I’m not saying that they had it easy, I’m saying it appears that way, when they present it every now and then on social media. I guess they had troubles, and highs and lows which is normal, but they never show that lows in their lives. Who could? It’s so embarrassing! And people might get disgusted! We feel ashamed of our troubles, our lows, our short comings and all summed up, our normalities!!

Why so? I don’t know it myself. But I’m trying to fing a perspective that will illuminate the mysteries! I find it mysterious and perplexing to find meaning in our social norms. Who are we pleasing? Ourselves ? Or we think we are but actually we are just hiding our shame behind a pretty story that we tell the world in order to make ourselves believe our life is not as shitty as we know it to be! It can be more meaningfull if the world could look up to our blessings, when truth is maybe it’s just us who need to be genuinely grateful for every experience we gather, it’s all normal and it’s all sacred. The highs without lows are no highs at all, they are just flat, plain, boring and meaningless experience.

To have true happiness, one needs to experience true sadness. Embrace yourself, your normal emotions and expect the better days, as days always pass, they pass everyday!

It’s not a shame to be sad, it’s a shame to make someone at their low feel ashamed of their sadness. Even if it’s your own self, no one should feel ashamed to feel low, it’s just another day, and it will pass one day.